Services / Performance

Treatment of diseases focusing on the following:


  • Complicated diseases of the spine and loco motor system
  • Headaches/migraines and all forms of neuralgia
  • Bekhterev`s syndrome (ankylosing spondilitis), Parkinson, Ataxia, dizziness, and other.
  • Cardiac cycle, apoplexy cases, rheumatism, fibromyalgia
  • Diabetes, metabolic disorders, immunology disorders
  • The ON-Thera Concept offers solutions in cases of serious spine diseases and the entire locomotor   system, as well as in impairments cases.
  • NEW! Immunology Training (Special Therapy and Training on improving the immune system)
  • NEW! Special therapy system on correction of spine and false postures

Therapy through devices/ apparats


  • Self-developed therapy devices based on the ON-Thera Concept
  • Innovative therapy-system refers to the entire locomotor system
  • Therapy-couch for spine and correction of false postures
  • Bio-Physical-/Fitness-devices (MKB-System)
  • Medical structure/force/ endurance therapy


Enhanced therapy and procedures


  • Reha / Physiotherapy-Plus, medical fitness
  • Hydrojet-Therapy, Med. Solarium (light therapy)
  • Herbal-vapour baths, wellness treatment
  • DENAS, magnetic field, magnetic bio resonance, bio stimulation