What is ON - THERA?


The ON-Thera System is a natural and original treatment concept, bearing the initials of the founder ON – Olaru Nicolae and Thera from Therapy. The patented official mark and the trademark system are inventive- a highly-developed therapy concept for chronic diseases and for unsolved, severe cases –

-This concept founded and successfully put in practice facilitates the link between the most important common parameters, just like a bridge -

The disease pattern as well as the cause of the disease is harmonized with the healing process and completed by the technical application, protection and resources. The application of special procedures (measuring and examination techniques together with the assessment of findings), as well as the therapy in itself rely on natural and traditional methods and on the latest development techniques in science. This combination of procedures should be in contradiction, “according to the author”. In this way, the development of the compact and integrable ON-THERA Concept has been possible, so the long and complicated process of healing to be drastically reduced and simplified. These results have been already put in practice as “SUCCES KEYS” and have become a real aid and support for the ones severely affected.


The ON-THERA Concept builds a protection system before injuries and simultaneously works as a support for the body. Another technical area of application refers to special development techniques in therapy aiming to ease the manual treatment and to increase the effects of the treatment in order to keep the system protected and compact, in its original form. This concept is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary scientific work project, based on a long-term practical experience and research, that has started more than 25 years ago with the author's Diploma.


Thesis and continued to develop in the context of an increasing number of chronic diseases. It is a holistic therapy system which brings proof to the already established specialized knowledge on the 3 main human components: physical, psychological and psychical. The core of the author's development project, besides his talent and competence, was the practice on his own body, as top athlete at first and then the further development for the use of other people. His studies and specialized knowledge sustained by advanced education and continuous education, as well as by the Master Thesis and the scientific Doctoral Thesis achieved, are integrated into this concept, along with the practical experience. The interrelated knowledge on Philosophy, psychology of the physics / biophysics, mechanics and biomechanics, has played a significant part in the development of his project.


The unique interrelation meets the authentic successful practical results. Once the cause of the disease is identified, the body can be reconstructed, corrected, regenerated and metabolically adjusted with the aid of this concept. Our main focus and area of expertise includes severe chronic spinal illnesses, affections of spinal disc and articulations, muscular/skeleton defects and postural defects with specific dysfunctions, circulation and pressure disorders, as well as nerves/ neuralgia, myalgia/fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines, idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss, tinnitus, rheumatism, arthrosis, osteoporosis and other affections.



The ON-Thera-System has flexible and integrative features. It is applicable to numerous diseases and also to severe chronic health problems. This independent therapy concept can be used in addition to medical treatment, as complementary therapy, or post-operatively (follow-up treatment), with curative and prophylactic purposes. Side-effects are almost inexistent and unknown, precisely because it relies on a natural basis.


It is based on the physical and technical effects upon the body structure (solving blockings, adjustment to displacements, twisting, dislocations as well as malpositions and false postures of the body). It helps clearing the energy blockages and meridians. Regulates and reorganises the dysfunctions of the inner milieus from nerves and circulation to metabolism.

Besides the specialized knowledge and talent of a person, this also implies effective energy forces, empathy and targeting the traces of the cause of illness. A long-term experience (more than 25 years) equals a professional help. This means:


In one session, the danger of herniated disk can be cleared. Finally, in some sessions, the cause will be completely localized. Pains and causes of affections, such as trigeminal, sciatic and other neuralgias can also be resolved in session. A severe scoliosis presenting false posture damages can be radically and risk-free reconstructed and thus the correction of the whole body. Likewise, in one session, the headaches, migraines, spine and articulation conditions shall be evaluated and treated for pains and causes. The On-Thera research always engages in cases of severe and complicated diseases and unsolvable cases, as well as in prevention and prophylaxis.

Patients` experience


Many affected people and desperate cases have relied on this last chance and have found a cure for their condition. Should you be interested in similar conditions and have doubts regarding the information contained in this page, we can put you in contact with patients treated by us.