ON-Thera/The alternative, gentle treatment


The alternative, gentle treatment

  ON-Thera is a natural, risk-free procedure and is concerned with chronic physical ailments, especially in connection with the spine or the sensitive region in the neck and chest area.


Quick Help! Proven safety and precision! Time and cost savings! No risks or side effects!


So, do you suffer from back problems, for example, spinal disc injuries, spinal canal, scoliosis, hip / knee dysplasia, postural pain and deformities, joint wear / abrasion, meniscus / ligament injuries or pain affecting other body structures? Despite all attempts at treating your problems, the causes of your suffering have not been eliminated so far, but the therapies instead, brought further complications?

Have you been told that you do not have any other choice than undergoing surgery, which may be associated with high risks? Are you asking yourself now, whether there is another risk-free type of treatment?


Then the ON-Thera treatment is exactly the right one for you.


Get the opinion of our experts in this specialized field, which are among other scientific medicine and the investigation method according to the "ON-Thera alternative methods" were trained themselves. This design recommends an intensive yet risk-free treatment over a period of around 12 days. If you condition has improved significantly after this treatment, then you can consider without time pressure, which actually helps you.

This procedure of treatment has been continually developed and constantly improved for decades, enabling us now to also cure chronic diseases to up to 90per cent as we trace and eliminate their causes.

At the doctor’s office I often meet patients who are suffering throughout their whole life from partial or total paralysis due to risky treatments. Some doctors even freely admit that in about 80 per cent of the cases surgery has not been necessary.

After much effort involving constant studies and practical explorations, we have now succeeded in solving this important task in practice. This particular type of treatment currently has the highest success rate implemented in practice, except for fresh fractures, inoperable tumors, metastases, severe congenital anomalies, infections, paroxysmal pain in the neck with convulsions or paralysis, etc.

I have now been able to find a way of successfully treating these cases. The method I am using is versatile and, depending on how serious and complicated the case is, it provides relief to cause the complaints. We always systematically treat the causes and not just the symptoms of an ailment.

You must remember that your body is the best "Stem Cells Laboratory" in the world!

We show how the seemingly impossible is indeed possible, that is, that a chronically damaged and degenerated spine or joints as well as disturbance of the interior organs and metabolism, are made functional again and come to a stable state

Our patients are overjoyed, according to a research survey chosen for ON-Thera.

In addition, they will also receive a guarantee for the future by being thoroughly trained.

For me it is very important to inform the patients in time and to help them take the right decision.

The practical results of this treatment were ranked as excellent in a research survey and numerous patients are willing to serve as references.

Give your body the chance to be healed by this natural method.
The success of the ON-Thera is proven by many satisfied patients who have been already treated by us.

Effect and purpose of the ON-Thera process


With this pilot project I primarily pursue the objective to reduce the suffering of people and to increase their future quality of life and health. However, it also serves as a prophylaxis of and protection against the risk of heart attacks and strokes, dementia, diabetes, rheumatism, joint and spine diseases and many other health problems.

When operating, for example, only the affected or damaged pain spots are treated, whereas the rest of the pain-causing structures remain unaffected by the treatment; i.e. that further complications can not be excluded for this purpose.
So, although surgical techniques continually evolve, there is still the risk that serious damages such as paralysis may be caused to the patient. Particularly operations in the cervical and thoracic region carry a high risk for those affected. This is one of the main reasons why I focused researching and developing this treatment technique in this field.

When compared to the usual therapies the ON process offers the advantage that despite its high technological level and no additional costs arise. Operations and post-treatments and / or rehabilitation measures are no longer necessary in case of this therapy.
The patient can then be discharged immediately symptom-free and without suffering from any complications due to the treatment.

The costs will depend on how serious and complicated the case is.
For example, if the patient is suffering from one main pain spot in the area of the lumbar spine and only few structures are responsible for or affected by the pain, then the person will not require many treatment applications consequently, the costs are low.

Obviously, the case will be different, if we are facing a situation of complex disorders and disturbances making the treatment more complicated as well. Then, of course, more time and higher but still reasonable costs will have to be expected.


How does the ON-Thera treatment work?


You have already received one or more diagnoses or preliminary diagnoses by your attending physician / specialist, resulting from various documented studies on your health problems?
Then please hand us in your collected documents personally or via a representative.
Our specialists will subsequently analyze the results to date and undertake further investigations if necessary.

After careful examination and evaluation of your case and your health problems, we will, of course, immediately inform you whether we can realize the treatment and we will jointly send you the corresponding estimate.

The treatment is conducted on an outpatient basis in our practice or specialist center. Depending on the severity of the case, treatment is necessary 2-3 times a week or as needed, for 2 weeks to 1 month.

The treatment will be done on an outpatient basis in our practice or ambulatory surgery. Depending on the severity of the case, the applications will be needed 2/3 or even 5 times a week during 2 weeks or up to 1 month if necessary.
In particularly severe cases, it may even require two sessions a day.
If after the successful completion of treatment and full recovery thanks to the help and influence of the ON-Thera

procedure you may be interested in a before/ after comparison, you can, of course, request one for your private documentation.

As you can see from numerous practical results and press releases, many suffering people also from other countries could be already cured by means of this new method. The patients who had been already treated in your country / hometown are, therefore, the best references for us. On request we will be pleased to establish a personal contact for you.


We hope to have aroused your interest. In case of any questions, we are pleased to help you. Thanks in advance for your support by disseminating the information among your friends and acquaintances that might need our help.