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Nicolae Olaru

About the doctor / author:

University/Study: sports, medical treatment, rehabilitation, further postuniversitary. Programs with state exam and final approval, Doctor of research of the ON quantum medicine


Training / education and training:

At home and abroad: physical and medical therapy, rehabilitation, numerous applied therapeutic procedures, intensive seminars for Natural Med. A. Arndt Wiesbaden, Dipl. Expert of Chiropractic Author / inventor of the

ON- therapy system



Dr. (Altern. Health), awarded by ULC California USA
Multiple awards as a former top-athlete
Numerous international scientific papers and patents granted.



Lecturer at the University / Hospital, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and in sports clubs with sports injury care working at Federal, Olympic and World Championships. Since April 2000, self-attending in my own physician’s office offering rehabilitation / physiotherapy / prophylaxis on the basis of the ON- therapy system and procedure, I have continually working with for 25 years, constantly developing and researching in practice.