Many people suffer from the so-called “pre-programmed Syndrome” without even knowing.

In most cases, the causes of these disorders remain unknown, or they are tackled only symptomatically. If not detected on time or not treated properly, these can lead to chronic and complicated final stages. The ON-Thera Concept poses no risks and also no side effects because according to the treatments it all relies on natural basis. A research institute supports this concept, addressing to severely impaired persons and to complicated / beyond treatment cases. It can also be applied in prevention and prophylaxis. The long-term researches and proven results in practice have led to a higher precision in detecting the causes of impairments and hence a better treatment of the cause.

Research themes


  • Which are the main factors responsible for the degenerative process and damage of the spine, articulations and other involved body structures?
  • The correlation and effects of the spine on the body dysfunctions, internal organs, as well as on the metabolism and the immunity system.
  • To what extent are the damages of the spine responsible for, e.g.: dizziness, stroke cases, migraines/ tension-type headaches, tinnitus, idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer, cardiac/ blood flow disorders and other sicknesses in comparison to other contributing factors.
  • Research on formation of cysts, abscesses and tumours, especially the ones located in the spine and in the body structure.


Another purpose of long-term research studies focuses on the correlation between the daily private and / or work (over)stress and the effects on health, which may lead to body damages.

Research and development of:


  • Quantum medicine of ON-Thera System
  • ON- natural remedies
  • Bio-energetic medicine
  • Biomechanics of the body statics and body dynamics
  • Body bioengineering measurements and analysis
  • Osteo-cheiropathy based on the ON-Thera principle
  • technology of ON-Thera prophylaxis